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I've seen Garrett negotiate dozens of leases with some of the largest most intimidating and hard-to-deal-with landlords.
His commitment to his clients and his  knowledge and skills have regularly delivered fantastic deals and leases for his clients.

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Mr Bauman was patient and kind with us. He explained what he was doing and why, to get our approval. We could feel he took his knowledge of what it is to be a small business owner and retailer and applied it to giving us amazing advice. Among other things, he got the Landlord to agree to a sizeable tenant improvement allowance that we never imagined to even ask, less get!

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Janet C., Store Owner

We really had our minds set on opening a store in the retail center near our house. After reviewing that site, Garrett showed us that traffic there and location were subpar. He identified another store location 2.6 miles further, with better exposure and more traffic. We followed Garrett's recommendation and have no doubt this was the right choice. 

Abdel B., Store Owner

Dave L., Real Estate Broker

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I have 30 years of experience as

a retail broker, a retail stores and restaurant owner.

My insider tips and tricks and deep knowledge has helped save retailers across the country from closing their doors and saved both new & existing retailers tens of thousands of $$.

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"You only fail when you convince yourself you've tried everything"

Garrett Bauman (Yours Truly  ;-} )

About me

My parents were in the restaurant/casino business. Growing up I worked every job in the restaurant industry. However, I did not want to live under my parents forever and joined the Marine Corps. Following 2 tours overseas and duty at the FBI Academy at Quantico Marine Base, I returned home to again, work in the family business.

After getting burnt out in the restaurant industry, I spent 10 years in commercial real estate. I represented independent shopping center owners as well as some of the largest retailers and owners in the country. 

In 1997, I resigned after my wife was diagnosed with inoperable cervical cancer and given only 2 months to live. We turned it into 2 years, during which time we traveled the world seeking out alternative therapies. Our bond and hopes grew stronger than ever but in the end we had to say our good byes and she left for heaven. I am also a cancer survivor (5 years cancer-free).  I know how precious life is and how difficult it can be.

Upon my return to the work place, I decided to take all that I learned representing some of the countries top retailers and opened my own retail business in 2002. What started as a hobby on Ebay turned into 5 very popular brick and mortar stores. Unfortunately, after 12 amazing years, the clothing industry shifted. It was hard to compete with the internet giants and margins dwindled. Eventually, I sold my East Coast Store but had to close my doors out West.

After a couple years relaxing, I went back to work for a store development company where I handled training, design and lease negotiations for over 100 stores throughout the country.

After 6 years in this position, my entrepreneurial spirit took over again. Seeing the devastation Covid caused to the retail industry, I felt that my skills could make a tremendous difference helping struggling business owners.


So I resigned in April 2021 and I am now offering my  services to you, existing  small businesses, retail stores and restaurants or new ones who need an expert in their corner for site selection and lease negotiations.  Both of which can be the difference between success and failure when opening a new business.

Opening a business is one of the biggest decisions we can make in life and know that, excitement can get the best of you. Many small business owners will overlook critical decisions in an effort to expedite the opening of their businesses. I truly care about my clients and will make sure that all aspects will be looked into thoroughly.

I promise you my services will always have your best interest in mind and I promise to provide you with savings that will dwarf any of my service fees. 


I am excited to meet you and look forward to working with you!

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